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Clcik on the “Download” button above to get the free version of this software for PC.
The mobil version for Android can be downloaded from Google Play Store, just click on the link below:

To whom we are offering?

Basically it is for football (soccer) coaches, but it can be utilized by players, supporters, bloggers, etc.

It is a hungarian developped software, actually mainly supported by this hungarian website ( however a software has an option for multiple language, at this moment the English is also part of it.

What are the main functions?

  • Handling a championship
    • Players (goal, cards, evaluation, etc)
    • Teams
    • Match results, Standings
    • Training attendance
    • Monthly schedule planning for the team
  • Graphical (and text) training planning
  • Preparation for the Matches

English language setting

The default language is set for Hungarian, as most of the users are speaking that language, but you can switch it to English: Push the “Beállítások” (means set-up) button at the main menu, and click on the “English” button at the top left area (2nd button from left). -> All the button texts will be changed to English.

Some example can be found in the installation folder of the software, at the “Sample” sub-folder

CoachNotes Sample folder
CoachNotes Sample folder

You can use the Free version of CoachNotes for free.
The Pro version can be bougth in the shop of this website (unfortunately it is Hungarian actually)
Please feel free to contact us in case of any quesion:

Also, you can support us atour itch page, and you can buy a PRO version via itch paywall.:

Technical information

Version: 1.00, Release: 2019.01.31.
Version: 1.01, Release: 2019.03.05.
Version: 1.02, Release: 2019.12.01.
Version: 1.04, Release: 2019.12.12. – Text Editor correction, special key button added
Version: 1.05, Release: 2020.02.12. – Correction at data entry for Training Attendance
Version 1.051, Release: 2020.03.24. – Minor correction for coloring (at print function)

Platform: Windows (PC)